Gutsy and it Works

March 15th, 2007

“Gutsy and it works”, was the comment of one attendee after seeing the Eddie Tools Technologies demonstration of the Odyssey™ Product Series at last week’s Process Control Systems Forum (PCSF). Similar feedback and interest was received from the more than 40 people who attended the ETT presentation. Entitled “Securing Remote Modems and SCADA Scans Across Existing Communication Networks”, the presentation featured an ETT customer from a major investor-owned utility and ETT’ CTO Andrew Bartels. During the demonstration, ETT simulated a DNP SCADA link. The demonstration exercised all the Odyssey Series’ benefits of encryption, compression, and troubleshooting without impacting the SCADA scan.

Your commentary on the relevance of our presentation is important to us. The feedback given helps guide our efforts to develop technologies to support you in the challenges you face. We thank you and hope to see you at other upcoming events.

The comments from attendees speak for themselves:

“Very relevant to my business focus” - EMS vendor

“Effective ideas on modem security and centralized account management/account monitoring” – Electric Investor Owned Utility attendee

“Good solution for current communication lines data gathering” –Water Industry Attendee

“Effective presentation and demo was very helpful” – Municipal Utility Attendee

“Great mix of implementation, product info, and demo”

“Live demo GREAT!”

“Live demo impressive… well planned product”

“…excellent pairing of user and vendor”

“Interesting technology and application”

“The demo was very effective. Customer endorsement impressive”

“Effective Security and operational value”

“Meets a need in the industry that has been unsatisfied to date”

To see a live demonstration, please contact Eddie Tools Technologies, Inc. at (800) 564-1212 or email us a [email protected].