Odyssey™ Compression Proves Itself

March 29th, 2007

Phoenix, Arizona, March 26, 2007 – When applying the Odyssey™ Product Series compression technology to a SCADA link running Conitel 2020 protocol, the poll/response data was compressed to 13.9% of its original size. This caused the poll/response cycle to be reduced by an average of 210 ms and have an effective line speed of over 7 times the original baud rate.

Eddie Tools Technologies conducted a test in which their Odyssey™ Product Series was installed on a utility SCADA link running Conitel 2020 protocol. The purpose of the test was to measure the effect on the poll/response time using the Optibit™ Performance Suite compression feature of the Odyssey™ Product Series. The procedures were to measure the poll/response time without the compression feature first, and measure it a second time with the compression feature turned on and then compare the cycles.

The results of the test showed that the uncompressed poll/response cycles averaged 808 ms with a standard deviation of 129 ms. While the compressed poll/response cycles averaged 598 ms with a standard deviation of 49 ms. By applying the Optibit™ compression feature, the poll/response data was compressed to 13.9% of its original size causing the 1200 baud line to have an effective line speed of 8633 baud. Similar gains have been observed using DNP3 and other protocols.

The Odyssey™ Product Series is a cost-effective solution that increases available bandwidth without replacing or upgrading the lines. By using compression technology on SCADA communication links, our solution enables utilities to add technology and enhancements such as security and troubleshooting to their system without sacrificing performance. Additionally, the extra bandwidth defers costly network upgrades and can be used to deploy more field equipment.

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