The Right Choice to Reduce Cost and Secure your Satellite Communications

April 23rd, 2007

Phoenix, Arizona, April 23, 2007 - Reliable communications, regardless of location, are the key to successful SCADA and telemetry operations. While satellite communications extend your operational reach, it is the most expensive form of data communication. Performance issues such as latency and packet loss can significantly reduce productivity and further increase costs. Additionally, satellite transactions are fundamentally insecure and difficult to troubleshoot.

Eddie Tools Technologies’ Pegasus™ Solution is a multifaceted software and hardware solution that fits inline to your existing satellite communications network. Pegasus™ has been specifically designed to substantially reduce operational and troubleshooting costs and provide unparalleled security for Satellite-based SCADA and telemetry operations.

Unlike data accelerators, Pegasus™ actually reduces the physical volume of data transmitted across the network. Pegasus’ OptiBit™ feature accomplishes this through the application of the LZW compression algorithm, the same algorithm used to compress GIF, TIF, and PDF files. LZW is the correct algorithm for satellite communications because it is lossless compression, meaning no data is lost in the compression/decompression process. This is of critical importance to satellite communications, where lost data costs time and money by requiring data retransmission. Through over one year of testing at customer sites, OptiBit™ Compression as been shown to reduce volume by at least 50% and in some cases up to 83% without the loss of one bit of data.

Satellite communications are also highly insecure as anyone with a suitable receiver can intercept and manipulate satellite data transmissions. In response to this threat, Pegasus™ offers unprecedented security by utilizing the robust RC-4 2048-bit streaming encryption algorithm and full device and user authentication. The combination of these two features ensures the data is securely sent and is from trusted sources. ETT has adapted this low latency security package, called SCADAsafe™, for Pegasus™ from its successful implementation in the electric utility industry where the real-time application allows for virtually no latency in the data polling process.

Pegasus™ also provides troubleshooting and event alarming through the Pinpointer™ Diagnostics feature. The user can choose to monitor any and every transaction across the network, set an event or communication error alarm level, and store any or all data for forensics or troubleshooting. All field devices are upgraded from the central host, further reducing maintenance time and costs.

Eddie Tools Technologies’ Pegasus™ Solution: Designed from the ground up to save you time, money and secure your SCADA and telemetry operations.

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