The Ultimate Defense Against Cyber Attacks

SCADA systems were deployed long before cyber attacks became a security issue. Now these former “communication islands” are linked to one another and the internet, with serious vulnerabilities. Our SCADAsafe™ Security Suite provides the most comprehensive point-to-point and remote modem security perimeter available. Device/user authentication and authorization is combined with robust encryption for SCADA/DCS/PLC and all other new and legacy control systems. Our pre-emptive technology is NERC CIP compliant, providing a cost-effective security upgrade before government policies are mandated.

  • Most comprehensive electronic security perimeter available
  • Ultra-low latency 2048-bit streaming encryption for all baud rates
  • Encryption activated from the host on an individual link basis and refreshable if a breach is suspected
  • Protects vulnerable modems at remote locations
  • Bounce and block users system-wide from a single central host
  • Remote device and user authentication and authorization
  • Configurable role-based user permission settings for all users
  • Active monitoring of all communication links with reports of any suspicious activity

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