OptiBit™ Performance Suite

It’s Like Having a Whole New Control System

Our OptiBit™ Performance Suite is the only long-term upgrade solution for new and legacy control systems. OptiBit’s self-optimizing compression adapts to your network as demands change. Bandwidth is doubled in most cases, while bit/byte conversion keeps baud rates at their maximum. By increasing the speed and efficiency of control system communications, OptiBit™ can greatly extend the life of reliable legacy systems, delaying the need for costly new equipment.

  • Performance upgrade extends life of legacy systems, without costly equipment replacement
  • Significantly increases available bandwidth (over 100% in most cases)
  • Bit/byte conversion technology mitigates baud rate bottlenecking in the field
  • Self-optimizing compression technology adapts to the changing demands of your network
  • Controllable from host computer on an individual link basis
  • Protocol-independent, designed to work with all control system protocols
  • Retrofits seamlessly into existing networks
  • Field hardware upgradeable from the host computer

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