PinPointer™ Diagnostics Suite

Troubleshooting Without Shooting in the Dark

Now, with our PinPointer™ Diagnostics Suite, you can monitor, record activity and troubleshoot problems across your entire control system, all from a single access point. The technology is user-configurable to provide information as detailed as desired, from a macro “green light = system okay” view to complete data transmitted across a single port or group of ports. By eliminating the need to send troubleshooting technicians out into the field, centralized diagnostics increase workforce efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Centralized logging of all control system activity
  • Searchable event log for all links includes details on status, security, errors and more
  • Real-time data monitoring of all communications links, adjustable from overhead to detailed view
  • Advanced diagnostic tools for intelligent data analysis
  • Color-coded line status screen allows quick review of the operational status of all links
  • All data passing through any port is captured on a single database without disrupting flow

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