Eddie Tools Technologies

Making Control Systems Smarter, Faster, SaferTM

Eddie Tools Technologies was founded in 2002 as a response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. We created specific hardware/software solutions to protect the control systems that run U.S. industries. In our development process, we found companies were already struggling with higher demands on their aging legacy control systems, and they were unable to assume the expense of costly security upgrades that did nothing to improve performance or margins. ETT is the first and only company to address all of these issues, providing the only security and performance upgrade solution for new and legacy control systems. Our solutions extend the life of legacy systems; delay the need for costly equipment replacement; improve speed, efficiency and diagnostics; allow companies to meet NERC security recommendations before they become mandatory; retrofit seamlessly into existing control systems; and easily upgrade to protect your business and your customers. Add-on applications are currently in development to further enhance performance and meet customers’ changing needs.