Learn More About The Components Of OdysseyTM


The Only Troubleshooting, Performance and Security Solution the Entire Utility Industry Can Utilize

OdysseyTM is the first intelligent, scalable SCADA upgrade for Conitel, MODBUS, DNP3, and all other bit/byte protocols used in the utilities industries. From central host to remote access modems, only OdysseyTM improves performance, diagnostics and security for new and legacy control systems. Installed with minimal impact to existing networks, OdysseyTM is designed to grow with your company, protecting your business and your customers.

  • Extends life of SCADA and other legacy control systems
  • The only SCADA upgrade to improve performance, diagnostics and security for new and legacy control systems
  • Improves speed, efficiency, diagnostics, lower maintenance costs, attack prevention
  • Allows serial control systems to perform at significantly higher speeds, without costly equipment replacement
  • Meets or exceeds NERC CIP 002-009 recommendations
  • The only application available that creates a complete host-to-modem security perimeter
  • Works with all control system protocols, simple click to select among Conitel, Modbus, DNP3, CDC, etc.
  • Retrofits seamlessly into existing control systems, new features easily added as needs evolve
  • Grows with you, enhancing performance of the serial and TCP/IP systems companies install in the future
  • Monitor, troubleshoot and control security parameters for entire control system from a single access point
  • Easy maintenance, with field hardware upgradeable from the host computer

The OdysseyTM Product Series consists of three suites:

  1. PinPointerTM Diagnostics Suite
    Diagnose from the Control Center, Not the Field
  2. OptiBitTM Performance Suite
    Increase Control System Network Speed and Efficiency
  3. SCADAsafeTM Security Suite
    Unprecedented Protection from Cyber Attack